Nested Spheres – An Evolutionary Model of Gender Roles and Relations

The prevalent model of gender roles and relations today is driven by Feminist pseudoscience and pseudohistory, a clumsy grievance narrative informed by a preposterous conspiracy theory that simply doesn’t stand up to the most basic Darwinian investigation.

How could a social system that suppresses half of the potential of its communities compete? How could that suppressed potential survive millennia of atrophy? How did patriarchal oppressors around the planet organize this cultural coup when communications were limited to people walking and talking to each other? There’s simply no realistic mechanism for the spread of patriarchal oppression among ancient peoples, most of whom never had any contact.


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Feminism vs. the Facts

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Feminist culture and the war on science

MedicalDaily-HowlerMonkeyTesticlesA recent study about howler monkey testicles has inspired some snarky hate speech against men, but the Medical Daily really takes the cake with this Tumblr-Feminist worthy headline: “Men With Small Testicles Overcompensate By Showing That They’re Louder Than The Rest.”

Of course, the study was not about men. It was about monkeys. So, congratulations to the Medical Daily for pairing pseudoscience with casual bigotry. A two-pointer on the Feminist scorecard.

Note also the subtle relational aggression in the photo caption. “There may be a scientific explanation for extremely loud men.”

The social bullying here is the shaming threat to a man’s social status unless he remains quiet: “If you make noise, you must have small balls.” Silencing men, a classic Feminist tactic since Seneca Falls.

Most important is how the supposed science journalist doesn’t seem to understand the evolutionary science. Neither does the researcher, as quoted in the story: “It may be that investment in developing a large vocal organ and roaring is so costly that there is simply not enough energy left to invest in testes.” This does not at all explain, in terms of natural selection and reproductive success, why these two particular features would be linked. You could just as easily say that “there is simply not enough energy left to invest in hair.”

So, scientifically speaking, why smaller testicles?

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Gynosympathy transforms scientific research into a hate myth factory

The Feminists at Mic are once again spreading pseudoscience, this time with the help of a laughably slanted social study.

The headline of the piece, scribbled out by white knight Nicolas DiDomizio in the typical smug style of Feminist relational aggression propaganda, reads: “Apparently, Men Are Threatened by Smart Women, Because of Course They Are.

“Of course they are.” Because women are the superior sex and pleeeease favor me for my loyalty, Mistress, among us fragile, inferior menz. Frankly, the shucking and jiving obsequiousness of male Feminists is repulsive. Further self-flagellating servility? DiDomizio’s opening paragraph:

Today in “Studies That Might As Well Have Been Conducted in 1955,” we have a soon-to-be-published report¬†from the November issue of Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin concluding that when it comes to dating, men have a little bit of an issue with dating intelligent women.

Those familiar with Feminist science reporting might suspect that the actual study is significantly different from how anyone writing for Mic might portray it, but the study itself is problematic beyond the slimy tone taken by DiDomizio. The intent of the study’s authors starts out reasonably enough: Read More »

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Women’s Privilege in Professional Wear

AC-DolchstossYou may have gotten caught up in the recent viral ragebait accusing men of oppressing women with air conditioning in the workplace. Apparently, offices are kept too cold for women who choose to bare their legs, arms, and collarbones, while men required to wear suits work in the comfort of closed collars, often wrapped tight around their throats with silk nooses as required by professional dress codes, and long sleeves and pants legs that make the summer commute a sweat-dripping misery.

Not only did this most recent Feminist hate-meme flip the actual pro-female gender privilege on its head, but it completely missed the point of keeping the modern workplace cool. Digging up some obsolete standard from the 1950s that calculated the optimal temperature for office spaces based on the men who labored there to provide for their wives at home, Feminists completely missed the technical reason workplaces are kept cool in the 21st century: for the benefit of our ubiquitous information technology, not the Global Patriarchal Conspiracy against women.

The air-conditioning campaign not only exploited the gynosympathetic bias that leads the irrational mind to blame men for every inconvenient consequence of the choices women make, but it played into the absurd stereotype of women not understanding STEM. Of course, intelligent women who haven’t swallowed the Feminist Kool-Aid saw through this obvious anti-male Dolchstoss myth.

But, it does provide a “teachable moment” for people who do not understand the privilege women enjoy in regard to professional attire.

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How to know you’re in a hate movement

Feminists love to dismiss the more radical members in their movement as fringe elements, but they are not. They form a core of supremacist hate around which the other elements of Feminism are layered.


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White privilege is a mutation of female privilege

Opposing Feminism is not merely about exposing the intricate web of pseudoscience and hate propaganda that buttress belief in Feminist conspiracy theories. It also means proposing alternatives to spurious Feminist social history. Any factual history of gender relations must take into account how ancient emblems of female privilege were transferred only in the relatively recent past to that scourge of the modern age: white supremacism.

The ideological affinity between Feminism and white supremacism should not require a summary here. The shockingly racist reactions (even for their time) of celebrated suffragists to African-American voting, traditional ties of UK’s “White Feather” suffragists to the British Fascist Party and American suffragists to the Ku Klux Klan, and the creepy racial eugenics of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger are well-documented facts that should be familiar to anyone who wants to participate in an informed and honest discussion of Feminism.

The hate myth that drove racist lynch mobs in the United States, that black men were by nature sexual predators of white women (recently repeated by the bigot who opened fire on a mostly black Bible Study group in Charleston, South Carolina), is today echoed by Feminists who intentionally and systematically misrepresent data to spread rape terror among women and rage toward men, and who also suppress public awareness of the fact that female-on-male rape occurs at “virtually the same rate” as male-on-female rape.

The Feminist “Rape Culture” myth is essentially the same excuse used by the murderers of Emmet Till. And if you think this conflation of Feminist and white supremacist lynch mob logic is unwarranted and offensive, you simply don’t know your history.

But, there is a deeper chord struck by white supremacism, a resonance with the color-coding expression of gynosympathy and traditional female privilege, which helps us understand how, of all the myriad forms of racism dreamed up by human beings over the millennia, white supremacism became so virulent and tenacious.

The House and the Field Read More »

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Using race to obscure female supremacism in America’s prison problem

In a recent speech, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton declared that “it’s time to end the era of mass incarceration” in America. Trying to manipulate African-Americans for votes by framing the problem as primarily about race, she carefully avoided how female supremacism like her own has been the greatest driver of mass incarceration in the United States.

However, to illustrate how Feminists exploit legitimate concerns about racial biases in sentencing, it helps to go back a few years to the rise of another powerful Feminist.

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How the shameless unapologies from Rolling Stone and UVA show Feminism’s systematic platform of demographic slander

When the Rolling Stone story about “UVA Jackie” was considered (by some) as credible, the narrative was about how women are subject to sexual violence from men, and how “good” journalism proved this. The writer and the University were both very concerned for female victims of male rape, and not so much about the rights of the accused.

Now that the Rolling Stone story about “UVA Jackie” is utterly discredited, the narrative is still about how women are subject to sexual violence from men, and how “bad” journalism made this worse. The writer and the University are still both very concerned for female victims of male rape, and not so much for the rights of those who had been libeled and punished without reason.

In other words, this story has never been about the facts and it still is not. Neither the writer nor the University of Virginia seem much to care about the actual victims in this case: the men who were wrongly accused of crimes that could have destroyed their lives, and the entire sex who were slandered by association as part of a systematic program of class defamation.

This is not to say that rape isn’t a serious crime; we’ll get to just how serious it is in a moment. But, when Feminists are more concerned with apologizing to people only tangentially related to a lie than with apologizing to the people who were the actual victims of the lie, what you’re seeing has nothing to do with truth, and therefore nothing to do with justice. And when those who are always entitled to sympathy and those who are never entitled to it are separated by class, what you’re seeing an expression of hate.


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Why NAFALT and NAMALT are not equivalent

A key element of hate ideology is collective guilt, the idea that “if some do it, they’re all responsible.” This is a cornerstone of hate movement grievance narratives, whether there is a kernel of truth to them or the grievance is entirely fabricated. Collective guilt has driven hate movements throughout history, from ancient armies wiping out entire peoples for the crimes of a few, to slavers invoking the Biblical legend of Ham and Aryanists with their Dolchstoss myth against the Jews.

A common defense thrown back and forth between Feminists and their critics is “Not All Feminists Are Like That”/”Not All Men Are Like That,” often abbreviated NAFALT and NAMALT. The defense is intended to make the other side’s criticisms look like hate ideology by accusing them of promoting the concept of collective guilt.

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