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The Other Side Of Gender Equality

As a follow-up to Jody’s blog, I want to address more specifically the sort of gender-trending aggression implicit in the rhetoric used by Duke University researcher Tanya Chartrand, and to show that this is a real, but largely ignored, form of abusive behavior. Recent popular articles1 have begun to publicize the phenomenon of female bullying, […]

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When Men Won’t Do What They’re Told

A husband and wife team of researchers at Duke University have recently concluded a study (read about it at MSNBC or demonstrating that people instinctively resist infringement on their autonomy, even by those they love. While participants in the study were performing word puzzles on a screen, the names of loved ones were flashed […]

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Careful Analysis Reveals The Gender Bias In Pain Research

A new study is being publicized that seems to show that girls who play soccer are more likely than boys to sustain injuries, but that boys were more likely to require hospitalization for their soccer-related injuries. However, the study was based on data from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, […]

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