Feminist Complicity In The Media

A new article in Men’s Health reveals that nearly four percent of fathers are raising another man’s child and, due to paternity fraud committed by the women in their lives, do not know it.

That might sound like a small number, but considering the number of fathers in the United States, that adds up to a million men whose partners are twisting their lives through a cruel fraud. And, considering the hundreds of thousands of dollars that it takes to raise a child, beyond the massive emotion abuse, what some like to call “paternity discrepancy” constitutes women stealing hundreds of billions of dollars from American men with the government’s help.

But, doesn’t the term “paternity discrepancy” make it sound like an innocent error? “Oops! Your family life is a lie and I stole a quarter million dollars from you.”

Most strikingly, however, nowhere in this three page article is the idea of sexism raised, which is outrageous considering that all of the victims are men and all the abusers are women.

Were we to suddenly discover a phenomenon in which a million American women were being taken advantage of solely at the hands of men, to the tune of billions of dollars, I would be surprised if the article would get through three sentences without labeling the phenomenon sexism, much less three pages.


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