The Empress’s New Clothes – Same As The Old Clothes

British Equality Minister Harriet Harman is threatening government action to force a greater number of women into corporate directorships, claiming she’s trying to break up the “old boy network” and “draw on the talents of all the population.”

Child of a doctor and a lawyer, and therefore hardly representative of some trampled underclass, Harman is actually demonstrating how the real power class (i.e., those in power) go to war over gold-to-platinum upgrades in their own elite perks by recruiting the rest of us as foot soldiers using manipulative identity politics. Is her quixotic assault on the boardroom to open up executive positions for women, or only for “women with privileged backgrounds” like Harman herself?

When Britain’s First-Wave “white feather” feminists fought for women’s suffrage, it was to win the vote for propertied women only. They refused to support universal suffrage to include poor women or poor men including those sent to die by the millions in in the war they used white feathers to shame men into joining. Seems not much has changed in the UK: “equality” is still a dishonest code word for the privilege of affluent women, the demonization of men, and the exploitation of the sentiments of everyday women.

If “gender equality” were really a stand on principle, activist politicians like Harman would also address the men who outnumber women living on the streets, or the men who outnumber women among the dead, given the ongoing gender disparities in life expectancy. When thousands of men are homeless while women have homes, and thousands of men are dead while women live on, yet the equality issue is to make a handful of rich, powerful women a little more rich and more powerful, what’s being served is not justice but simply aristocracy in the guise of justice.

Jody and David

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