Gynosympathetic bigotry in action – Male diseases matter because women suffer

In the same vein as the eerily supremacist assertion by perennial presidential candidate Hillary Clinton that “women have always been the primary victims of war” because the men who service them get killed in war, prostate cancer advocacy has had to stoop to gynosympathy to raise interest in prostate cancer research. Apparently, you can only get people to give a damn about men dying when you bring up the fact that it might also make a woman sad.

I mean, just look at the poor woman in the ad below, suffering from thinking about some guy’s prostate cancer.

Of course, NWF is not criticizing prostate cancer advocates for this ad. After all, you do what you have to do when you’re trying to get funding for an absurdly underfunded men’s disease in a society that is in absolute denial of its rampant gynosympathy and misandry. What we’re criticizing is the sad reality that you have to say “it isn’t only men who deserve better” in order to drum up interest in keeping men out of the grave.

The disturbing subtext here is that men “deserve” to live because women want them to.

If the message this sends about the relative worth of male and female human beings in our society isn’t clear to you, then you seriously need to check your unexamined prejudices.


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