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Memes on Elliot Rodger’s murder of four boys and two girls

Disturbing gender supremacism has rarely been more evident than in reaction to the killings carried out by Elliot Rodger, a kid who hated all women, hated all men, fantasized in turn about killing both sexes, and eventually went on a murderous rampage, ending the lives of twice as many males as females. And, Feminists have […]

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Share on Facebook, upload to your Twitter and Tumblr, spread the word about the disturbing way Feminist-driven Western media and politics is stepping over the mutilated and charred corpses of dead Nigerian boys to construct a counterfactual narrative about female victimization. And, when someone tries to shame you for downplaying the plight of the girls, […]

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Today, NWF initiated a new campaign to set the record straight on Boko Haram and the bigoted reaction by members of the Western media and political establishment who have exploited the recent abduction of girls for Feminist purposes. The reality is that, before these recent abductions, when Boko Haram seized a school the girls were […]

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[EXPLICIT] The Wage Gap Myth

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Y Chromosome Pseudoscience

Feminist-informed culture (which is most Western culture since the 1960s) tends to resort to pseudoscience to denigrate men. One frequent target is the Y chromosome which, since it is smaller than the X chromosome (as are several other human chromosomes), is presented as evidence that men are less genetically diverse than women, that they are […]

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Check my privilege?

“Check your privilege” is being used to silence debate on issues where certain ideological factions, including Feminists, feel they should simply rule without question, without debate, without dissent. The sad irony of “Check your privilege” is that only those with real-world privilege (rather than the hypothetical privilege of some dubious social theory) can demand someone […]

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The Global Patriarchal Conspiracy : Feminism :: Satan : Medieval Religion

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Equality? Patriarchy?

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If it’s “child” support then it wouldn’t be riddled with sexist double standards favoring adult women

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