Y Chromosome Pseudoscience

Feminist-informed culture (which is most Western culture since the 1960s) tends to resort to pseudoscience to denigrate men.

One frequent target is the Y chromosome which, since it is smaller than the X chromosome (as are several other human chromosomes), is presented as evidence that men are less genetically diverse than women, that they are not “complete” human beings, or that they are doomed by the presumed deterioration of the Y. Before scientists demonstrated that the Y chromosome wasn’t as doomed as had been thought, many bigots gleefully predicted men would become “extinct.”

We have bad news for the scientifically ignorant. Neither of the sexes would become extinct alone. That’s not how sex works in humans. Moreover, between the two sexes, only men have the genetic material to create the other sex, so the joke’s on the bigots. If (gods forbid!) all women vanished tomorrow, enterprising scientists could clone new women using X chromosomes from men, and they would be genetically indistinguishable from the women who existed before. On the other hand, if all men vanished tomorrow, well … there’d be no Y chromosomes and half of humanity would simply cease to exist forever. And so would the other half, the female half, without the perpetual help of technology.

But, the deepest irony behind all of this anti-male hate speech and pseudoscience is that the Y chromosome, being the sex-determining chromosome, actually provides men more genetic diversity than women. All of the other genes are shared by men and women, but only men have access to the genes in the Y.

For those unfamiliar with algebra, n + y > n.

So, we’ve created a little meme to explain the fact that most of the Y-based allegations about the incompleteness of the XY human male actually apply to the XX human female because of her lack of the Y. Unlike the Feminist-informed bigots, however, we don’t believe this means anything about the value of women, the respect they’re due as persons, or the rights they should have under the law. It simply means that men have access to a more complete range of human genes than women. And, it means that Feminist-informed culture is ignorant, pseudoscientific, and driven by sexist hate rather than facts and reason.


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