Share on Facebook, upload to your Twitter and Tumblr, spread the word about the disturbing way Feminist-driven Western media and politics is stepping over the mutilated and charred corpses of dead Nigerian boys to construct a counterfactual narrative about female victimization.

And, when someone tries to shame you for downplaying the plight of the girls, ask them whether they’d prefer that those abducted girls had met the same fate the boys did (hacked to bits with machetes or burned alive) and, if not, why didn’t—why doesn’t—the suffering of those murdered boys merit attention?

It’s gender bigotry and supremacist politics, plain and simple. The First Lady and all those joining her in this sickeningly one-sided campaign ought to be ashamed that they’re trying to make their macabre sexist bias look like high-minded concern for the victims of extremist violence. Where was their concern when boys were being slaughtered? Where was their selfie campaign when Boko Haram was sending girls home safe while they butchered and burned their male classmates?


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  1. Kitty Launcher
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  2. Mirrors
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    PS, It’s black boys that are seen as disposable, and many other times, it’s Asian boys or Middle Eastern boys. Not white boys. I really wish that white male MRAs stop using plight that happens only to men of color (which, not surprisingly, is enacted by white people) to push their white male superiority complex.
    Oops, I mean “Men’s Right Activism”.

    • Posted September 4, 2014 at 8:21 am | Permalink

      NWF is not an MRA site. This is an anti-Feminist site.

      Also, you have your facts wrong. For example, the sentencing bias against men in the US judicial system is several times greater than the bias against non-whites. Black men who are in prison in the United States face a far steeper disparity in punishment for their gender than for their race. Idiots like you aren’t helping them, because you’re deflecting from the greater problem with your knee-jerk anger toward men.