Anti-Feminism and charges of misogyny

Imagine asking a group of people what the square root of nine is. One person replies, “Three, because three times three equals nine.” Another person responds, “Three, because three is a magic number!”

From the presence of the second response, would you assume that the first response was wrong? Would you assume that everyone who answers “three” must believe in magic? Of course not. That would be irrational.

Yet, this is how our Feminist-dominated culture reacts to the regrettable presence of misogynist assholes aligning themselves with anti-Feminism.

Response to equivocation.

But, one might object, if it’s wrong to smear all of anti-Feminism based on the bad behavior of a few who hijack the its cause, why is it okay to condemn all of Feminism based on the behavior of some Feminists? If anti-Feminism can be forgiven for containing a few bad apples, why can’t Feminism?

Because the core premises of Feminism are themselves inherently bigoted, dishonest, and driven by gender hatred.

Just recently, Time magazine published a list of five outrageous Feminist myths, some exaggerating the suffering of women by 60 to a thousand times, which Feminists deploy to make a case for official retributive action against an entire class of human beings. Meanwhile, the West’s Feminist culture glosses over or even actively suppresses evidence of the suffering of men. And, Feminist propagandists have constructed a disturbingly skewed history of gender relations based on the paranoid fantasy of a Global Patriarchal Conspiracy against women.

These lies are intended to stir resentment and suppressive action against men as a class, including among men who (per the real history of gender relations) feel instinct-bound to protect women from harm and danger.

The fact that women have always been among the staunchest opponents of Feminism should tell you that the struggle between Feminism and anti-Feminism is not about women vs. men. It’s about informed people vs. those taken in by Feminist lies and pseudoscience, just people vs. Feminist supremacist leaders and their veiled, institutionalized hate.

Feminism doesn’t merely “contain a few bad apples” who push this bigoted anti-male pseudoscience, this bigoted anti-male historical fantasy, and this bigoted anti-male project of retributive government action. These aren’t fringe elements in the movement. These are the foundational elements of Feminism, without which it would fall apart. The only way Feminism can spread supremacism and hate while pretending to be “just about equality” is by deceiving otherwise decent human beings about today’s gender relations and by crudely mischaracterizing the gender relations of the past.

If the demonizing lies Feminism tells about men and the flattering lies Feminism tells about itself, were true, we should all be Feminists! But they are not true. And, brazen lies about gender relations and about what Feminism is really about, starting from the suffrage movement, are the beating heart of the movement.

In closing.

Ask a group of people whether we should oppose Salafist terrorism, like Al Qaeda. Some might say, “Yes, because they spread death destruction and deceit.” Others might say, “Yes, because Muslims are evil.”

Most of us can see how the second answer is wrong. Most of us can also see how this doesn’t really invalidate the first answer.

Ask a group of anti-Feminists whether we should oppose Feminism, and some misogynists might blurt out something like, “Yes, because women are bitches!” And we can all agree, anti-Feminists more than anyone, that these misogynists are assholes.

But most anti-Feminists would answer something like, “Yes, we should oppose Feminism because Feminism uses lies and organized relational aggression tactics to put itself forward as a social justice movement. Feminism is not about equality and it’s not even about promoting the genuine interests of women. Feminism is about supremacy, deceit, and gender hatred.”

Now, ask a Feminist the same question: “No because, without Feminism, women as a class would be subject to the oppression of men as a class.” The Dolchstoss pseudoscience, the supremacist stereotypes, the hate-driven lies are all built-in. You can’t have Feminism without them.

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