Feminist obsession with rape is not about rape, it’s about supremacist power

Feminists can hardly seem to finish a sentence about men and/or women without using the word “rape” at least once. It’s central to their grievance narrative against men, and the idea that society condones the rape of women by men is core to their demands for changes in policies in government and higher education.

When you start to compare Feminist myths to the facts, however, the movement’s rape narrative is revealed as not really being about rape at all.

Ignoring and suppressing half of rape, based on who is the victim, is not opposition to rape

The Feminist rape narrative asserts that rape is a tool of patriarchal domination. In Against Our Will : Men, Women, and Rape, Feminist Susan Brownmiller states the premise this way: “From prehistoric times to the present, I believe, rape has played a critical function. It is nothing more or less than a conscious process of intimidation by which all men keep all women in a state of fear.”

The problem with this premise is that the science show that men are raped by women nearly as often as women are raped by men.

Men are socially conditioned (often through shame) to suppress the fact that their own experiences of being raped by women actually constitute rape. It doesn’t help that the government colludes in this suppression by stubbornly refusing to call female-on-male rape what it is. Despite the parity between male-on-female and female-on-male rape, fewer than one percent of convicted rapists are women. Social stereotypes lead people to view male sexual coercion more harshly than female sexual coercion.

Far from enabling men to rape women, society uses gender stereotypes and legal double-standards to enable women to rape men.

We suspect then even these numbers are low, because people are socialized to believe that women can’t rape men, and socialized not to care or take it seriously if they do. Male victims are less likely to report rape than female victims. One particularly revealing study showed that, among boys in juvenile detention who had been victims of sexual assault, nine out of ten had been raped by female staffers despite the fact that women made up less than half of the staff. Considering the way our awareness of female-on-male rape is suppressed through innate gynosympathetic bias and Feminist propaganda, it is far more likely that the actual rate of it in the general population is higher than current research indicates, rather than lower, overturning popular perceptions of rape as a male-on-female phenomenon used to impose some Global Patriarchal Conspiracy against women.

Moreover, contrary to popular misperceptions and dishonest Feminist hate narratives, women are actually the perpetrators of most non-sexual assaults in relationships, committing twice as much nonreciprocal domestic violence as men and found to be far more “controlling and aggressive” than men in general. Given this fact, it is reasonable to assume that even the sexual assault numbers showing comparable rates of female-on-male rape are far too low and in fact women are committing the majority of rape against men, and this rape simply isn’t being perceived, examined, and addressed as rape.

Put all rape on the table, and Feminism wants to sweep most of it aside, based solely on the gender of the victims and perpetrators. This systematic Feminist program to focus exclusively on female victims and male rapists is not really about preventing rape. It’s about exploiting myths about rape to inspire fear and hate against men as a politically targeted caste.

AvertingOnesEyesExpanding the range of activities considered rape is to expand opportunities to target the hated caste

Such bizarre concepts as “stare rape” are enthusiastically current in the central circles of Feminism, and are brazenly supremacist in nature: failure to avert one’s eyes in the presence of a superior is a common allegation of implied threat levied against members an inferior caste. But the supremacist character of these ideas generally sneak by under the radar of innocent people who labor under the myth that Feminism is simply “about equality.”

This absurd Feminist tactic to use fear and hate to justify supremacist suppression of half of the human race extends even to college logos of animals whose gender can hardly be determined and a building thought to promote “rape culture” because, in homage to extreme Freudian overreach, it looked too much like a penis.

The underlying premise of the Feminist “rape culture” narrative, obviously, is that the mere presence of maleness, imagined or not, is a problem in need of a solution, because it is claimed to promote a perceived culture of overwhelming male sexual abuse of women. A culture that, rape research shows, is a completely myth driven by sexist bigotry.

And this twisted misperception is promoted not just by some easily dismissed “fringe” or “radical” element in Feminism, but by mainstream Feminism spreading dangerous hate speech to the highest seats of power, where the “One in Five” myth and outrageous Dolchstoss narratives of male exploitation of girls are used to justify systematic government action against men as a class.

Cherry-picking the application of consent reveals a program of targeting a hated caste

The effort to game the consent aspect in sexual assault is key to Feminism’s strategy to institute supremacist double standards that target men by exploiting popular perceptions that rape is almost exclusively a male-on-female phenomenon.

Recent efforts to implement “affirmative consent” standards on college campuses (take note of the video in which the “One in Five” slander is deployed as justification) have received a lot of attention. It may be more illustrative, however, to examine the politics of drunken consent as it applies to the range of activities considered rape.

We can all agree that a sleeping person, whether passed out from intoxication or simply asleep, cannot consent to anything at all. So let’s establish this as a common baseline and focus on conscious but intoxicated behavior.

Key to understanding the underlying premise of Feminist consent rhetoric is to note that sexual assault is not the only crime for which consent is a key factor. Let’s examine a few of these crimes, with an eye to applying the Feminist concept that the intoxicated cannot consent.

Keeping a person in a place without their consent is a felony known as false imprisonment. If a sober person lets a drunk person sleep over at their home, a situation to which the intoxicated person presumably cannot consent, is that person committing a felony? Think about that the next time you host a party and forcibly take the keys from a drunk friend.

Transporting a person without their consent is a felony known as kidnapping. If a sober person gives a drunk person a ride, to which the intoxicated person presumably cannot consent, is that person committing a felony? Think about that the next time you offer a drunk friend a ride home from the bar.

Taking a person’s property without their consent is crime known as theft. If a sober person lets a drunk person volunteer to pay for a meal or for gas on the ride home from a dinner out, a transfer of property to which the intoxicated person presumably cannot consent, is that a crime? Think about that the next time you agree to be the designated driver.

If your response to all of these was “Of course that’s not a crime!” this is precisely the point. Under the influence of Feminist rhetoric, the expansion of the public perception of criminal behavior based on an intoxicated yet conscious person’s inability to consent applies only to sexual assault. This is because the Feminist focus on intoxicated consent cherry-picks the one crime for which they have manipulated our perception to view, in direct contradiction of the scientific evidence, as the epitome of collective male guilt.

Of all the possible examples of conscious drunks agreeing to activity that could be considered a crime without sober and affirmative consent, rape is the only example Feminism has socialized us to see as implicating all men and only men. Rape is the only crime where consent matters to Feminists, because implicating men through the “rape culture” Dolchstoss myth is the real purpose. It’s the logic of hate, not rape prevention.

The concern here is not about protecting intoxicated people from willing exchanges to which they are presumed unable to consent. The real purpose of the Feminist consent narrative is to enable punitive government action against men as a caste.

Suppressing knowledge of false accusations and suppressing the civil liberties of the accused

False allegations of rape are a touchy subject. Nobody wants to summarily dismiss the suffering of genuine victims of sexual assault.

Except, of course, Feminists who systematically suppress recognition of the half of rape victims who are men raped by women. But, we’ve made that point.

Here are some disturbing facts about false rape allegations. The Feminist “Two Percent” talking point about the rareness of false allegations has been repeatedly debunked, demonstrating active suppression of the truth on the part of Feminists. The real numbers are notoriously difficult to get at, but it is illustrative to point out that over a third of people wrongly convicted (and later exonerated) were accused of sexual assault and that the overwhelming majority of these conviction are due to false accusations (23 percent) or identifying an innocent person (80 percent).

With the spread of video technology, women have increasingly been caught in the act of falsely accusing men of sexual assault for misdeeds as heinous as expecting passengers to pay for a cab ride or simply doing one’s job as a police officer.

Note that we’re not making a sweeping generalization about the character of women. [Editor’s note: NWF is an anti-Feminist group composed of both men and women who identify largely but not exclusively as progressives.] We are arguing that false allegations of sexual assault against men are enabled by an innate cognitive bias to protect women (which affects both male and female human beings) exacerbated by aggressive Feminist suppression of the non-gendered nature of rape and the true extent of false allegations.

Feminist lies about false allegations are another way that Feminism infantilizes women, playing into primitive damsel-in-distress stereotypes and stunting women’s moral development as mature adults. The active suppression of the reality of false allegations, because it serves to encourage false allegations, achieves precisely the opposite of the problem it purports to clarify.

Which means, just as we saw in the rates of female-on-male rape, the rate of false allegations against men is probably far higher than reasonable yet misinformed people suspect.

Institutionalizing supremacist power

The explicit purpose of all of these sexist slanders, fabricated grievance narratives, and hate movement arguments for collective male responsibility is to justify government action targeting men as a rapist class, much as Aryanists cast Jews as a treacherous class and white supremacists cast blacks as an ignorant and violent class. This Feminist anti-male rape culture rhetoric exempts half of actual rapists while sweeping in a lot of falsely accused rapists. Which means it’s not really about preventing rape. The real criterion is purely demographic and supremacist: members of a hated caste of human beings who are singled out for punishment by members of a superior caste.

This caste-based punishment is enabled by the active undermining of basic civil liberties, like the presumption of innocence, which have been a cornerstone of justice for centuries. Driven by Feminist lies, society erodes these basic principles of justice preferentially against a class of human beings who, in direct contradiction of Feminist threat narratives about patriarchy, already suffer the greatest measured bias in our justice system.

Systemic government action targeting men as a rapist caste is thereby justified  by this Dolchstoss concept, the Global Patriarchal Conspiracy theory, a core Feminist grievance myth that thrives despite that research into domestic abuse has proven it is a paranoid sexist fantasy.


Feminist obsession with sexual assault has nothing to do with preventing sexual assault. If it did, Feminists wouldn’t suppress knowledge and dismiss concerns about female rapists and male victims. And it’s not even about protecting female victims. If it were, Feminists would be more diligent about determining whether or not an accuser was, in fact, a victim.

Feminism lies to us about the nature of rape so that only one hated class of human beings is targeted for accusation, punishment, and imprisonment. The “rape culture” talking point is demonstrably about nothing more than hate and a grab for supremacist power.

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