The Vocabulary of Anti-Feminism : Misofeminism

Over a year ago, NWF coined the term “gynosympathy” to provide reference for the well-documented yet poorly examined bias among human beings to have positive, protective feelings toward women and negative, threatened, or dismissive feelings toward men. It’s an innate cognitive bias that is both exploited and exacerbated by Feminism.

Not only is the evidence for gynosympathy clear (if painstaking to extract from under the layers of skewed interpretation that itself tends to be biased by gynosympathy and Feminist propaganda) but for the layperson there are several video experiments in public domestic violence (check here and here) that illustrate vividly the disparity in human reactions to male and female misbehavior and suffering.

A word was needed for this bias, particularly considering its role in enabling Feminist supremacism and hate speech against men.

Now, as popular focus on the anti-Feminist movement grows, we feel another term is necessary to distinguish genuine opposition to Feminism on principle and the sadly real minority who take on the mantle of anti-Feminism to disguise their own selfish biases.

Hate breeds hate

Since hate movements like Feminism are about in-group/out-group dynamics, every group opposing a hate movement will attract people who only want to reverse the direction of the hate.

But, reversing the misandrist threat narrative of Feminism with a misogynist threat narrative is not what anti-Feminism is about. Unlike Feminism, with its explicit rhetoric about male collective guilt and female moral superiority, anti-Feminists strive for genuine equality, or at least a scientifically informed equity and parity, between the sexes.

There is no room in anti-Feminism for the sort of reckless, mindless vitriol that occasionally crops up in anti-Feminist discussions online, when the small but vocal minority of simple-minded misogynists try to elevate their childish, Feminist-like tantrums by associating with people who have a more serious agenda.


So, to distinguish these — let’s call them what they are — idiots and assholes from the men and women who are truly opposed to Feminism on principle, we suggest the term misofeminism. The misofeminist doesn’t oppose Feminism so much as he or she just hates it. It’s essentially an emotional reaction. The misofeminist’s opposition to Feminism isn’t defensive of any truths or principles; it’s simply adolescent rebellion.

The misofeminist isn’t interested in dismantling Feminist reasoning or presenting evidence that undermines Feminist lies. The misofeminist just wants to call someone a “cunt” and fling hollow threats around, out of a misplaced desire to appear, and feel, fierce and independent.

This is why many misofeminists are so quick to turn on anti-Feminists when we try to rein in their childish and counterproductive behavior. (And, as Gamergaters have discovered, attempts to police against misofeminism are not at all taken into consideration by Feminists and their allies in suppression.)

For the reactionary misofeminist, it’s not so much about opposing Feminism as opposing anything at all that threatens their undeveloped and misguided sense of autonomy. It’s essentially a failure to mature beyond the foot-stomping stage of a child, a failure to mature into an adult understanding of the value of mental and behavioral discipline.

Some caveats and clarifications

Yes, some misofeminists can be convinced to focus their energies on reasoned opposition to Feminism rather than mindless rage and ridicule. We should incessantly provide opportunities and set examples for them by grounding anger and parody in facts, research, and reason. If misofeminism can be lifted up by education, we should do so. When it cannot be lifted up, however, it must be called out.

And, let’s be clear. Not all misofeminists are boys. There are plenty of misofeminist girls who fail to elevate their opposition to Feminism above schoolyard name-calling and lulzy threats. Then it becomes a contest to see who can be the meanest of the mean girls.

The weak link in resistance

Misofeminists’ immaturity is a grave threat to anti-Feminism, because they provide negative examples that can be used, dishonestly, to slander the anti-Feminist movement.

Feminists, who have a long history of cherry-picking a tiny minority of bad men and slandering the entire sex, have plenty of practice at this. And, with gynosympathetic bias greasing the wheels for them, this is sort of stereotyping is one of their strengths. You don’t win by playing to your opponent’s strengths.

Yes, it is true that in the absence of actual slurs and threats by misofeminists and misogynists, Feminists will simply fabricate them to make a straw-man point against their enemies. But, fine. Let them fabricate. This is a tactic at which they are particularly clumsy, being repeatedly caught inventing threats.

Anti-Feminism can only grow stronger in our defense of justice, truth, and unbiased science by keeping our garden clean of the weed of misofeminism. They represent a tiny factor, but a dangerous and toxic one.

Misofeminists are not allies who are “a little too enthusiastic.” They are childish saboteurs, insider threats who are not really opposing Feminism so much as they’re just rebelling against the world. And, genuine, reasoned anti-Feminism is part of that what they’re rebelling against.

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