How the shameless unapologies from Rolling Stone and UVA show Feminism’s systematic platform of demographic slander

When the Rolling Stone story about “UVA Jackie” was considered (by some) as credible, the narrative was about how women are subject to sexual violence from men, and how “good” journalism proved this. The writer and the University were both very concerned for female victims of male rape, and not so much about the rights of the accused.

Now that the Rolling Stone story about “UVA Jackie” is utterly discredited, the narrative is still about how women are subject to sexual violence from men, and how “bad” journalism made this worse. The writer and the University are still both very concerned for female victims of male rape, and not so much for the rights of those who had been libeled and punished without reason.

In other words, this story has never been about the facts and it still is not. Neither the writer nor the University of Virginia seem much to care about the actual victims in this case: the men who were wrongly accused of crimes that could have destroyed their lives, and the entire sex who were slandered by association as part of a systematic program of class defamation.

This is not to say that rape isn’t a serious crime; we’ll get to just how serious it is in a moment. But, when Feminists are more concerned with apologizing to people only tangentially related to a lie than with apologizing to the people who were the actual victims of the lie, what you’re seeing has nothing to do with truth, and therefore nothing to do with justice. And when those who are always entitled to sympathy and those who are never entitled to it are separated by class, what you’re seeing an expression of hate.


To understand why this is such a serious problem, let’s shine a light on the Feminist platform on rape. First of all, the talking point about “1 in 5” women being raped by men—or “1 in 4” women, or college women, depending on the relative dishonesty of the liar telling the lie. This is an absolute myth, debunked repeatedly, so often that it’s a testament to the power and privilege of Feminist hate in our culture that this myth persists.

Consider that the #1 false conviction for which men are later exonerated by DNA evidence is rape. We’re socialized to punish men for raping women, even when it hasn’t actually happened. That’s what the “UVA Jackie” unapologies are really about. Even when it is revealed that these men didn’t rape this woman, the false narrative of men raping women must be perpetuated at all costs.

Not only are men not raping as many women as Feminists want you to believe, but a truly gender-neutral look at forced penetrative sex reveals that female-on-male rape occurs at “virtually the same rate” as male-on-female rape. Why don’t we hear about this?

Well, beyond the fact that our entertainment and journalism are heavily invested in telling us only about male abuse of women, beyond the fact that juries are loathe to convict women, officials loathe to prosecute them, police loathe to arrest them, and therefore men loathe to report them, the US government refuses to even call it “rape” when a woman forces a man to have penetrative sex, even when the numbers show gender parity. The CDC divides forced penetrative sex right down the middle, solely on the basis of gender.

Consider that a tiny minority of convicted rapists are women. Paired with the virtually identical rates of female-on-male and male-on-female forced penetrative sex, it becomes clear that the majority of rapists who get away with rape are women, not men.

Similar slanders are propagated against men when it comes to the Feminist narrative that men use domestic violence to control women. The reality is that women commit the majority of domestic violence, that the majority of women who seek help for domestic violence had committed “severe violence” against their male partners before being struck in return, and that women are more “controlling and aggressive” in relationships.

And, we at NWF do not believe that all of these damning statistics represent the reality of women, but rather how women are affected by the perverse incentives imposed on them by Feminist propaganda and the innate human bias of gynosympathy. If women were treated as truly equal, treated like accountable adults, their claims questioned and misdeeds punished as men’s are, they wouldn’t feel free to commit such vicious acts of hate and organized social bullying against men.

For example, the recent case in Arizona where over a dozen women gleefully plotted to destroy a young man, Tyler Kost, with multiple false charges of rape. When women are encouraged to see men as unsympathetic, as deserving of disdain and punishment simply for being born the wrong sex, people who otherwise would never consider doing such awful things are morally enabled to become foot-soldiers of Feminist supremacist hate. Feminism makes such bigotry banal.

This is the real “rape culture,” a systematic program of ignoring or actively covering up women’s violence toward men, while exaggerating men’s violence toward women. “UVA Jackie” was a perpetrator of this aggression, and both Rolling Stone and the University continue to perpetuate the hate-driven myth of male abuse that she plugged into.


The truth is that women are far more likely to be terrorized and controlled by fears of rape inspired by Feminist lies than by actual male rapists, lies that Feminists use to exploit and manipulate us all, men and women alike, as part of a systematic narrative of male betrayal, a Dolchstoss myth intended to justify organized action by social authorities against an entire class of human beings. Even when caught red-handed in their lies and hate, they continue spouting the lies and hate.

Feminism is a supremacist hate movement, not a social justice movement. It is not about equality; genuine equality unveils its slanders and hate.

– Jodi (with editing help from Sam and consensus of the rest of NWF)


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