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Feminism vs. the Facts

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Feminist culture and the war on science

A recent study about howler monkey testicles has inspired some snarky hate speech against men, but the Medical Daily really takes the cake with this Tumblr-Feminist worthy headline: “Men With Small Testicles Overcompensate By Showing That They’re Louder Than The Rest.” Of course, the study was not about men. It was about monkeys. So, congratulations […]

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Gynosympathy transforms scientific research into a hate myth factory

The Feminists at Mic are once again spreading pseudoscience, this time with the help of a laughably slanted social study. The headline of the piece, scribbled out by white knight Nicolas DiDomizio in the typical smug style of Feminist relational aggression propaganda, reads: “Apparently, Men Are Threatened by Smart Women, Because of Course They Are.” […]

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