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Nested Spheres – An Evolutionary Model of Gender Roles and Relations

The prevalent model of gender roles and relations today is driven by Feminist pseudoscience and pseudohistory, a clumsy grievance narrative informed by a preposterous conspiracy theory that simply doesn’t stand up to the most basic Darwinian investigation. How could a social system that suppresses half of the potential of its communities compete? How could that […]

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Feminism vs. the Facts

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Feminist culture and the war on science

A recent study about howler monkey testicles has inspired some snarky hate speech against men, but the Medical Daily really takes the cake with this Tumblr-Feminist worthy headline: “Men With Small Testicles Overcompensate By Showing That They’re Louder Than The Rest.” Of course, the study was not about men. It was about monkeys. So, congratulations […]

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Gynosympathy transforms scientific research into a hate myth factory

The Feminists at Mic are once again spreading pseudoscience, this time with the help of a laughably slanted social study. The headline of the piece, scribbled out by white knight Nicolas DiDomizio in the typical smug style of Feminist relational aggression propaganda, reads: “Apparently, Men Are Threatened by Smart Women, Because of Course They Are.” […]

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Women’s Privilege in Professional Wear

You may have gotten caught up in the recent viral ragebait accusing men of oppressing women with air conditioning in the workplace. Apparently, offices are kept too cold for women who choose to bare their legs, arms, and collarbones, while men required to wear suits work in the comfort of closed collars, often wrapped tight […]

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How to know you’re in a hate movement

Feminists love to dismiss the more radical members in their movement as fringe elements, but they are not. They form a core of supremacist hate around which the other elements of Feminism are layered.

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White privilege is a mutation of female privilege

Opposing Feminism is not merely about exposing the intricate web of pseudoscience and hate propaganda that buttress belief in Feminist conspiracy theories. It also means proposing alternatives to spurious Feminist social history. Any factual history of gender relations must take into account how ancient emblems of female privilege were transferred only in the relatively recent […]

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Using race to obscure female supremacism in America’s prison problem

In a recent speech, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton declared that “it’s time to end the era of mass incarceration” in America. Trying to manipulate African-Americans for votes by framing the problem as primarily about race, she carefully avoided how female supremacism like her own has been the greatest driver of mass incarceration in the United […]

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How the shameless unapologies from Rolling Stone and UVA show Feminism’s systematic platform of demographic slander

When the Rolling Stone story about “UVA Jackie” was considered (by some) as credible, the narrative was about how women are subject to sexual violence from men, and how “good” journalism proved this. The writer and the University were both very concerned for female victims of male rape, and not so much about the rights […]

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Why NAFALT and NAMALT are not equivalent

A key element of hate ideology is collective guilt, the idea that “if some do it, they’re all responsible.” This is a cornerstone of hate movement grievance narratives, whether there is a kernel of truth to them or the grievance is entirely fabricated. Collective guilt has driven hate movements throughout history, from ancient armies wiping […]

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