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Share on Facebook, upload to your Twitter and Tumblr, spread the word about the disturbing way Feminist-driven Western media and politics is stepping over the mutilated and charred corpses of dead Nigerian boys to construct a counterfactual narrative about female victimization. And, when someone tries to shame you for downplaying the plight of the girls, […]

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Today, NWF initiated a new campaign to set the record straight on Boko Haram and the bigoted reaction by members of the Western media and political establishment who have exploited the recent abduction of girls for Feminist purposes. The reality is that, before these recent abductions, when Boko Haram seized a school the girls were […]

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How the news gets picked

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Incredible and Encouraging Coverage

When celebrity couples fight (Rihanna + Chris Brown = high heels to the head) the media typically shifts agency entirely to the man, no matter who initiated the violence or why. That’s why Anna Breslaw’s coverage of the Emma Roberts assault story at Cosmo is so encouraging, even if Evan Peters’ timid response is not. […]

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Obama, Chronological Fudging, and Hyperagency

President Obama has earned his feminist bona fides in many ways, not least of which by joking that female-on-male domestic violence is the solution to men refusing to accept the feminist myth of the chore wars. Now, in commenting on the George Zimmerman murder trial verdict, he has demonstrated the same logical fallacy that drives […]

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The White Feather of Female Militancy

Much is said about the role men play in wars, particularly in starting them. Some naive sexists have even gone so far to claim that if women ran the world, there would be no more war. This is another example of hypoagency, as the role women play in instigating violence is concealed because they aren’t […]

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Someone Finally Questions The Inequality In Reproductive Rights

Ever since Roe v. Wade, women have enjoyed the exclusive privilege to wash their hands of the consequences of conception, and give up all rights and responsibilities for the unwanted child. Even though extending this right to men would not require invasive surgery, or in fact anything more complicated than signing and filing a legal […]

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The Empress’s New Clothes – Same As The Old Clothes

British Equality Minister Harriet Harman is threatening government action to force a greater number of women into corporate directorships, claiming she’s trying to break up the “old boy network” and “draw on the talents of all the population.” Child of a doctor and a lawyer, and therefore hardly representative of some trampled underclass, Harman is […]

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Looking For A Few Bad Men

To deepen the sexist implications of UAH shooter Amy Bishop’s unprosecuted fatal shooting of her brother in 1986, ABC News is now reporting that a store owner alleges Bishop turned the murder weapon on him while fleeing police, concocting a story about running from her husband and fearing for her life. Having killed one innocent […]

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The silent bias in Time’s American Woman poll

As I re-read Time magazine’s recent poll numbers (26 Oct 2009, “The State of the American Woman”), the telling juxtapositions that jump out of the page at me simply can’t be passed over. What they say about our Feminism-saturated political culture simply cannot be denied. The Two-Headed Elephant in the Room For example, asked if […]

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