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Nested Spheres – An Evolutionary Model of Gender Roles and Relations

The prevalent model of gender roles and relations today is driven by Feminist pseudoscience and pseudohistory, a clumsy grievance narrative informed by a preposterous conspiracy theory that simply doesn’t stand up to the most basic Darwinian investigation. How could a social system that suppresses half of the potential of its communities compete? How could that […]

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How to know you’re in a hate movement

Feminists love to dismiss the more radical members in their movement as fringe elements, but they are not. They form a core of supremacist hate around which the other elements of Feminism are layered.

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Why NAFALT and NAMALT are not equivalent

A key element of hate ideology is collective guilt, the idea that “if some do it, they’re all responsible.” This is a cornerstone of hate movement grievance narratives, whether there is a kernel of truth to them or the grievance is entirely fabricated. Collective guilt has driven hate movements throughout history, from ancient armies wiping […]

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The Vocabulary of Anti-Feminism : Misofeminism

Over a year ago, NWF coined the term “gynosympathy” to provide reference for the well-documented yet poorly examined bias among human beings to have positive, protective feelings toward women and negative, threatened, or dismissive feelings toward men. It’s an innate cognitive bias that is both exploited and exacerbated by Feminism. Not only is the evidence […]

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Feminist obsession with rape is not about rape, it’s about supremacist power

Feminists can hardly seem to finish a sentence about men and/or women without using the word “rape” at least once. It’s central to their grievance narrative against men, and the idea that society condones the rape of women by men is core to their demands for changes in policies in government and higher education. When […]

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Anti-Feminism and charges of misogyny

Imagine asking a group of people what the square root of nine is. One person replies, “Three, because three times three equals nine.” Another person responds, “Three, because three is a magic number!” From the presence of the second response, would you assume that the first response was wrong? Would you assume that everyone who […]

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