Feminist hate speech memes, part two

We’ve been focusing more on the Facebook page lately, and really need to update the website with some recent developments. Please share the “IF” memes below exposing the massive, hate-driven lies that Feminists deploy to drive their Dolchstoss narrative against men.

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The Vocabulary of Anti-Feminism : Misofeminism

Over a year ago, NWF coined the term “gynosympathy” to provide reference for the well-documented yet poorly examined bias among human beings to have positive, protective feelings toward women and negative, threatened, or dismissive feelings toward men. It’s an innate cognitive bias that is both exploited and exacerbated by Feminism.

Not only is the evidence for gynosympathy clear (if painstaking to extract from under the layers of skewed interpretation that itself tends to be biased by gynosympathy and Feminist propaganda) but for the layperson there are several video experiments in public domestic violence (check here and here) that illustrate vividly the disparity in human reactions to male and female misbehavior and suffering.

A word was needed for this bias, particularly considering its role in enabling Feminist supremacism and hate speech against men.

Now, as popular focus on the anti-Feminist movement grows, we feel another term is necessary to distinguish genuine opposition to Feminism on principle and the sadly real minority who take on the mantle of anti-Feminism to disguise their own selfish biases.

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Feminist hate speech memes, part one

We’ve been focusing more on the Facebook page lately, and really need to update the website with some recent developments. Please share the memes below exposing the massive, hate-driven lies that Feminists deploy to drive their Dolchstoss narrative against men.

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Feminist obsession with rape is not about rape, it’s about supremacist power

Feminists can hardly seem to finish a sentence about men and/or women without using the word “rape” at least once. It’s central to their grievance narrative against men, and the idea that society condones the rape of women by men is core to their demands for changes in policies in government and higher education.

When you start to compare Feminist myths to the facts, however, the movement’s rape narrative is revealed as not really being about rape at all.

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Anti-Feminism and charges of misogyny

Imagine asking a group of people what the square root of nine is. One person replies, “Three, because three times three equals nine.” Another person responds, “Three, because three is a magic number!”

From the presence of the second response, would you assume that the first response was wrong? Would you assume that everyone who answers “three” must believe in magic? Of course not. That would be irrational.

Yet, this is how our Feminist-dominated culture reacts to the regrettable presence of misogynist assholes aligning themselves with anti-Feminism.

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Boko Haram tested Western Feminist culture and this is the result


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Time publishes list of Feminist Dolchstoss myths

We applaud Time magazine for finally doing what few big media entities would do: allowing a voice to confront the massive, hate-driven lies at the core of the Feminist worldview. In this case, the voice is Christina Hoff Sommers, and the “5 Feminist Myths That Will Not Die” she debunks should sober the chorus of misinformed enablers, both men and women, who constantly chant that Feminism is “just about equality.”

You don’t need to resort to lies if you’re just trying to achieve equality. After all, genuine equality between men and women has to be based in the reality of men and women’s lives.

Take a look at the myths Sommers exposes. When Feminists try to fool people into thinking that women make less money than they really do, own less property than they do, and work far longer hours than they do, it is to build a case against the men who are to blame for these imaginary or exaggerated wrongs. When Feminists try to deceive people into believing men rape women far more often than they actually do, that women are battered by men 60 times more often than they are,  that women are sold by men into sexual slavery a thousand times more often than they really are, Feminists are doing something very different from seeking justice and equality.

These are not simply “myths.” And what makes them more than myths isn’t the fact that some of them exaggerate the threat women face from men by an outrageous factor of a thousand, the “Big Lie” as it is known. Nor is it the fact that these myths gloss over comparable threats (for example, of domestic violence or rape) that men face from women.

What makes them more than mere myths is that they are Dolchstoss myths, myths of massive betrayal and wrongdoing intended to establish a justification for official retributive action against an entire class of human beings.

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The annual Father’s Day onslaught of bigotry and hate speech is approaching


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Hurricane Names, Gynosympathy, and why Feminism gets a pass

hurricane-ivanResearchers are now claiming that hurricanes named for women are far more deadly than hurricanes named for men, because people expect the feminine storms to be less dangerous and thus fail to take precautions. The science seems fairly straightforward—the researchers relied not only on data from real hurricanes but also test subjects’ responses to the names of hypothetical hurricanes—but we are more interested in the interpretation than the methodology.

While recognizing that a clear gender bias was present, the researchers and media commentators failed to recognize the nature of the bias: people take violence (and, in fact, all violations of social norms) from women less seriously than the same behavior from men.

It’s an aspect of gynosympathy, our innate favoring of women over men, and this is a self-disguising bias that disrupts our minds from even noticing it: in order to recognize gynosympathy one has to recognize that women are doing bad things that the gynosympathetic bias doesn’t want us to evaluate properly.

Gynosympathy is why the judicial system’s bias in sentencing for men and women who commit the same crimes dwarfs the well-known sentencing disparity between whites and non-whites. For example, men who commit capital crimes are 20 times more likely to get the death penalty than women who commit the same crimes. Gynosympathy is also why the racial bias in sentencing is well-known while the much larger gender bias goes almost completely unaddressed and creates a false sense of male villainy that feeds Feminist propaganda.

In fact, gynosympathy explains why brazen pseudoscience, hate speech, and supremacist politics from Feminists, spread under the guise of women’s advocacy, is so widely tolerated when similar behavior from any other group promoting bogus grievances and supremacist politics would be nearly universally condemned.

For a striking visual example of gynosympathy in action, watch this video that shows drastically different reactions to male-on-female aggression and female-on-male aggression. The gynosympathetic reaction of the people in that video, anger at male abusers and amusement at female abusers, explains why Feminists can so successfully pinkwash domestic violence as an almost wholly male-on-female problem despite that research shows that women are in fact the majority of abusers.

People hear of a hurricane with a woman’s name and assume “she” won’t do much harm. It’s a bias innate in the human mind, exploited and reinforced by Feminism, that endangers lives and props up a supremacist legal regime. It’s time we started to take it seriously

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Memes on Elliot Rodger’s murder of four boys and two girls

Disturbing gender supremacism has rarely been more evident than in reaction to the killings carried out by Elliot Rodger, a kid who hated all women, hated all men, fantasized in turn about killing both sexes, and eventually went on a murderous rampage, ending the lives of twice as many males as females. And, Feminists have callously stepped over those murdered boys to make their calculated and counter-factual political point about “anti-woman attitudes.”

Rodger’s hatred of women was dangerous, but so was his hatred of men. Hatred of both genders is not misogyny, it’s misanthropy and psychosis. To recast a deranged misanthropist like Rodger as a misogynist is to say that half of his hatred and two-thirds of his murder doesn’t matter.

This is the subtext of the reaction to this incident: Feminism means hating and murdering men doesn’t matter. Does that sound like “equality” to you? And, this isn’t the radical fringe of Feminism. This reaction to the Rodger murders is mainstream.

How many males would have to die before Feminists would feel ashamed to brush their corpses under the rug in order to make their damselizing talking points seem reasonable? The 58 boys, aged 11 to 18, who were shot, hacked to pieces, and burned to death by Boko Haram didn’t stop them from recasting an anti-Western terror group as an anti-girl’s education group.

Feminism is a bigoted, supremacist hate movement disguised as an egalitarian civil rights movement. It’s time for reasonable people to wake up.


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