Share on Facebook, upload to your Twitter and Tumblr, spread the word about the disturbing way Feminist-driven Western media and politics is stepping over the mutilated and charred corpses of dead Nigerian boys to construct a counterfactual narrative about female victimization.

And, when someone tries to shame you for downplaying the plight of the girls, ask them whether they’d prefer that those abducted girls had met the same fate the boys did (hacked to bits with machetes or burned alive) and, if not, why didn’t—why doesn’t—the suffering of those murdered boys merit attention?

It’s gender bigotry and supremacist politics, plain and simple. The First Lady and all those joining her in this sickeningly one-sided campaign ought to be ashamed that they’re trying to make their macabre sexist bias look like high-minded concern for the victims of extremist violence. Where was their concern when boys were being slaughtered? Where was their selfie campaign when Boko Haram was sending girls home safe while they butchered and burned their male classmates?


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Today, NWF initiated a new campaign to set the record straight on Boko Haram and the bigoted reaction by members of the Western media and political establishment who have exploited the recent abduction of girls for Feminist purposes. The reality is that, before these recent abductions, when Boko Haram seized a school the girls were sent home while the boys were butchered with machetes or burned alive.

Where was the outrage for these murdered kids? Where is the outrage now? Buried under a damsel-in-distress story that presses a dishonest Feminist narrative, popularized by the #bringbackourgirls hashtag.

By keeping these murdered boys invisible, Western media and politicians are conveying a horrifying supremacist message about the disposability of males. True gender equality would mean that we are more concerned for children slaughtered than children spared or kidnapped, regardless of their gender. What has happened to both male and female students in Nigeria is awful, but to imply by omission that a child butchered or burned alive is comparable to having a child kidnapped is outrageous, especially when that comparability is based on the bigoted, gynosympathetic elevation of the suffering of one sex over another.

Please spread the hashtag #avengeourboys to raise awareness not only of the true nature and full brutality of Boko Haram, but also of the disturbing Feminist bias of the Western media, politicians, and activists (including America’s First Lady) who ignored the gendered slaughter of boys and even now step over the dismembered and charred corpses of Nigerian boys to spin an incident in which boys were targeted for murder into a cynical Feminist propaganda piece about the victimization of girls.

So #avengeourboys … not only against the preferential violence of Boko Haram, but also the Feminist bigotry that boys are disposable and their suffering and death can be dismissed and ignored.

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[EXPLICIT] The Wage Gap Myth


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Y Chromosome Pseudoscience

Feminist-informed culture (which is most Western culture since the 1960s) tends to resort to pseudoscience to denigrate men.

One frequent target is the Y chromosome which, since it is smaller than the X chromosome (as are several other human chromosomes), is presented as evidence that men are less genetically diverse than women, that they are not “complete” human beings, or that they are doomed by the presumed deterioration of the Y. Before scientists demonstrated that the Y chromosome wasn’t as doomed as had been thought, many bigots gleefully predicted men would become “extinct.”

We have bad news for the scientifically ignorant. Neither of the sexes would become extinct alone. That’s not how sex works in humans. Moreover, between the two sexes, only men have the genetic material to create the other sex, so the joke’s on the bigots. If (gods forbid!) all women vanished tomorrow, enterprising scientists could clone new women using X chromosomes from men, and they would be genetically indistinguishable from the women who existed before. On the other hand, if all men vanished tomorrow, well … there’d be no Y chromosomes and half of humanity would simply cease to exist forever. And so would the other half, the female half, without the perpetual help of technology.

But, the deepest irony behind all of this anti-male hate speech and pseudoscience is that the Y chromosome, being the sex-determining chromosome, actually provides men more genetic diversity than women. All of the other genes are shared by men and women, but only men have access to the genes in the Y.

For those unfamiliar with algebra, n + y > n.

So, we’ve created a little meme to explain the fact that most of the Y-based allegations about the incompleteness of the XY human male actually apply to the XX human female because of her lack of the Y. Unlike the Feminist-informed bigots, however, we don’t believe this means anything about the value of women, the respect they’re due as persons, or the rights they should have under the law. It simply means that men have access to a more complete range of human genes than women. And, it means that Feminist-informed culture is ignorant, pseudoscientific, and driven by sexist hate rather than facts and reason.


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Check my privilege?

“Check your privilege” is being used to silence debate on issues where certain ideological factions, including Feminists, feel they should simply rule without question, without debate, without dissent.

The sad irony of “Check your privilege” is that only those with real-world privilege (rather than the hypothetical privilege of some dubious social theory) can demand someone else be silent simply for belonging to the wrong race, sex, or sexual orientation.

Being able to silence someone’s voice because they aren’t the “right” kind of person is an expression of privilege and power, not a protest of it.

In light of that, No White Feather presents the following meme graphics for use in response to the “Check your privilege” fad.

Check-Fact Check-Logic

Check-Hypocrisy Check-Bigotry

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The Global Patriarchal Conspiracy : Feminism :: Satan : Medieval Religion


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Equality? Patriarchy?


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If it’s “child” support then it wouldn’t be riddled with sexist double standards favoring adult women


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“Misandry Isn’t a Thing”


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Historical Reality of Feminine Privilege – Carrie Nation and Prohibition



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