No White Feather (NWF) is a resistance movement dedicated to exposing the political charade that Feminism has ever aimed at gender equality or the genuine interests of all women. There is a common misconception that bigoted and supremacist varieties of Feminism are fringe elements, or that they cropped up late in the movement, in so-called Third or Second Wave Feminism.

As demonstrated by the “white feather” suffragettes of the early 1900s, the reality is that Feminism has always been about expanding the rights and privileges of women (specifically, affluent women) at the expense of men, and women who are not part of the “in-clique.”

While fighting for the rights of propertied women to vote, these First Wave Feminists refused to back plans that would grant universal suffrage to all citizens including women who were not wealthy, and carried out a vicious program of shaming men (most of whom did not have full suffrage themselves) into becoming cannon fodder in World War I, by presenting civilian males with white feathers as an emblem of their presumed cowardice. Sexist bigotry and class-based intrafeminine elitism are not fringe elements in Feminism; they are at the heart of it.


What No White Feather is NOT:

NWF is not a gender equity or men’s rights activism (MRA) movement. Gender equity and human rights for both men and women are important, and NWF may comment on them when they are relevant to debunk or provide alternatives to Feminist dogma. After all, it would be difficult to discuss Aryanism without commenting on anti-Semitism; it is equally difficult to discuss Feminism, its paranoid and counterfactual Global Conspiracy Theory, and its justifying Dolchstoβ myths and supremacist pseudoscience without commenting on anti-male bigotry. But, NWF is primarily a resistance and liberation movement, not an MRA group, and its core purpose is to expose and oppose Feminism for the benefit of both men and women.

NWF is not anti-woman. In fact, we understand and sympathize with the allure that Feminist outrage offers the everyday foot-soldiers who are taken in by Feminist propaganda and pseudoscience. Any normal human being should be outraged if the lies that Feminism tells about men and women were true. It doesn’t make them bad people, it just makes them the victims of an intricate militant recruiting scam.

It is not surprising that many women feel terrified of and angry at men, or enraged at non-Feminist women, given the skewed and bigoted worldview with which the mainstream media, snake-oil activists, and publicly funded education bombard them. Wouldn’t any of us be more than a little upset if cynical liars had led us to believe we had a 1 in 4 chance of being raped in our lifetimes, or that we were being paid 70-some cents on the dollar for doing the same work as someone else?

Having said that, mature adults of both sexes should feel responsible for investigating the information they receive, judging it rationally and fairly, and adjusting their interpersonal behavior and political advocacy accordingly. NWF promotes the radical notion that men and women are both adults, and should behave like adults.

NWF is not about, and does not condone, backlash misogyny in any form. Too many anti-Feminist, pro-male, or MRA-identifying individuals and websites condone sexist behavior on the part of their membership that serves only to delegitimize their causes. The solution to organized, ideological, systematic bigotry against men is not to create organized, ideological, systematic bigotry against women.

NWF is not a prude movement. Unlike certain elements in the MRA movement that emulate the very PC stormtroopers they claim to oppose, NWF is not trying to stomp out all negative portrayals of men that might be seen to serve Feminist stereotypes. While it is often illustrative to point out trends in gender characterization in the media and pop culture, the prudish obsession with crushing anything offensive is a distraction from genuine justice and truth. Injustice is heard in the bang of the gavel, not the slang of the street.

NWF recognizes a very basic scheme of increasing seriousness in demographic aggression, differentiating between (a) generally harmless ribbing among peers and comrades that can often take a demographic angle, (b) relatively innocuous “folk bigotry” that, while still inexcusable and requiring active mitigation, is disorganized and often driven by innate cognitive biases related to gender and social bonding, and (c) the mechanisms and artifacts of organized, ideological, systematic bigotry promoted by a sophisticated political philosophy, arrays of false data, networks of influential leaders and agents, and a well-structured program of social, cultural, and psychological repression.

While all three categories merit attention, the (c) category is the truly dangerous one. Feminism itself belongs in the (c) category.

NWF is not a capitalist/anti-socialist, pro-family, or pro-heterosexual movement. Much opposition to feminism takes a partisan angle which sweeps in other causes that are not necessarily related to the opposition of Feminism at all.

As NWF recognizes that much of what’s wrong with Feminism is how it exploits women, particularly non-affluent women, there are reasonable arguments to be made that opposition to Feminism can work for socialist reasons, although NWF is also not a socialist movement. Likewise, although pro-family activists certainly have cause against Feminism, pro-family and pro-female logic join forces against men in false paternity cases all the time. And, would anyone have greater reason to oppose a dogma-driven, misandric legal regime than the gay male community?

Our point is that anti-Feminism cuts across partisan boundaries. In the NWF village are conservatives, liberals, libertarians, and others.

NWF is not in favor of “men’s studies,” or any other corruption of science viewed as compensatory to Feminist pseudoscience.

Research skewed by a masculinist perspective is not a genuine remedy for research skewed by relativist, “Feminist perspective” epistemology.  NWF resists Feminism in the name of scientific equity, understanding that the ethical essence of “bias” requires that the biased perception not square with demonstrable fact. Any genuine opposition to gender bias and gender oppression must begin with gender reality.

Stating a proven fact that happens to be unflattering to a segment of the population is not bias; however it is bias to deny such a fact in service to some abstract and unscientifically dogmatic sense of equality. For example, to state that the majority of serial killers in the United States are of European descent is not a racist comment given that it is true, nor is it racist to speculate on the possible cultural or genetic causes behind that phenomenon. However, it is definitively racist to demand that we not discuss the subject of serial killing in the context of European descent, simply because it is unflattering to a particular race.

This sort of political correctness embodies the very bias it claims to oppose.

Evolved human dimorphism has resulted in many innate gender differences that, on a case-by-case basis, reflect relatively well on either women or men. Any genuine effort toward ending bias, and establishing justice and gender equity, must begin in these scientific realities. Otherwise, the effort itself is biased, unjust, and irrational.


  1. jharp
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    Quote in my local paper, about city government trying to shut down a snuggling business: “There’s no way that (sexual assault) will not happen,” assistant city attorney Jennifer Zilavy said. “No offense to men, but I don’t know any man who wants to just snuggle.”

    See http://www.startribune.com/local/234965001.html

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    Excellent programme you have outlined here. Fits my own thinking almost like a glove. I will bookmark this website and be back.

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